• New advisors have 60 days before they will be entered into The Comp.
  • If a service advisor is not on the drive for two or more weeks in a row, they can be removed from The Comp that month (i.e. vacation, extended leave, etc.). In order to do so, the manager must post the reason for change on the message board located inside The Comp platform.
  • If an advisor is terminated, they will be removed from The Comp immediately.
    Note: Manager must post termination change on the message board
  • If there is a “floater advisor” on staff that writes service for two consecutive months, this advisor must be entered into The Comp by their third month
  • A manager must have at least two (2) advisors in The Comp to win any given month
  • Any communication regarding The Comp should be done via-email directly to
  • *Unfortunately, at this time, we are not permitted to award cash prizes to participants outside of the United States of America.
An advisor’s score is based on their KPI (key performance indicator) category. All categories are weighted evenly. The sum of the advisors KPIs determines where they rank in any given category. The sum of the ranked categories determines the advisor’s total rank within the rest of the group.
  • The manager’s score is the overall average of their advisors. This is calculated by adding all of their advisors’ total rank, divided by the number of service advisors. ‘Total rank’, is also referred to as the ‘manager’s score’ or ‘store score’.
  • In the event of a tie, first place, and the ‘Top Dog’ title, will be awarded to both first place managers
At month-end, the first place winner will be required to submit verification of all MTD ‘Comp’ figures. This includes:
  1. DMS Advisor Performance Report (R&R = 3611 / ADP = RAP)
  2. Wildcard Operation report by Advisor
  3. CSI = Manufactures CSI report by Advisor for survey count
All reports due before the end of the first working day of the month. Any errors or omissions may result in disqualification as deemed by the CCI group.